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There is no greater issue facing our Republic today then Federal Tyranny. If we work together we can save our individual liberties and sovereignty, the sovereignty for each State and the Republic (all the States collectively), and most importantly save our Constitution!

The States must take back the roles, responsibilities, and powers that were reserved to them and were not expressly delegated to the general government. The process to do this is simple. It only takes one State to initiate an audit and then call upon their fellow States to join in a convention to audit the Constitution as a convention which we refer to as Republic Review.

As a note: Please remember that the word "convention" does not only mean a meeting of delegates and in the sense above this "convention" refers to a process or methodology. I have been asked to use a different word here by many because of those who are hypersensitive to this "C" word. Some would have you believe that this is a secret code to an Article V Convention. Please read both sets of bullets below and you tell us how the convention of Republic Review defined below is either secret code or such a path.

Before we became aware of a group of conservatives who apparently were self-appointed speech police who attacked a person or group using the "C" word (i.e. Convention) we admittedly used the "C" as normal vernacular as did the framers. With that, we have made extraordinary efforts to ensure that the word "convention" did not violate the self-appointed speech police terms because they were making incorrect assumptions with our usage. This is why today the process below has been clarified this current state and the use of red font to help those suffering from such sensitivity. We did this so that they could no longer continue to misinform good Patriots looking for a real solution to our Constitutional Crisis that we are another path to a Constitutional Convention per the Article V process.  To be clear, Republic Review as a solution would put an end to the need of such self-aggrandizing organizations along with a lot of the grievance industry and talk show hosts (conservative or progressive).  Imagine a government that actually complied with the boundaries set for them by their Stakeholders (the States) and We the People within the Constitution.  The only organizations that would have relevance moving forward would be those organized to function at the State level like the Eagle Forum as an example.

Paradigm shifts are coming and those who have built their relevance on a centralized national government will become irrelevant if we are successful.  Because the States will be the center of domestic policies and issues as it was designed by the framers.  So when any self-proclaimed “Authoritarian” of the Constitution tells you that Republic Review is a back door to an Constitutional Convention, ask them to show you that door, portal, or whatever they are proclaiming in the argument and process delineated below.  They won’t find it and you should then ask them what other process other then Republic Review has States with active applications having them rescind their active application for the Convention.  Republic Review is out to send a very clear message that those in our general (i.e. Federal) government must be in “COMPLIANCE” with the Constitution in all manners.  Thus, Republic Review is sending a very myopic message of enforcing the Constitution and not using hyperbolic words and rhetoric like those self-proclaimed guardians of the Constitution.  Don’t forget they have been guarding the Constitution from Communism for about 60 years and look at how close we are to having a communist government today.  In other words Patriots, they have been doing far more failing with their model then anyone would like to admit.  Feel free to let them know this little fact as well and feel free to give them a grade (i.e. A, B, C, D, or F) on their 60 year performance of keeping communism in check.  We give them a “D” at best. 

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Our Go Fund Me Campaign

We have set up a Go Fuind Me Campaign to allow others to receive blessings in supporting this cause. The money goes to paying for the costs of doing the work and not for salaries for myself or anyone supporting the cause. We have to pay taxes on this and any overhead again is strictly costs payments to others we have contracted to doing specific required work and at the bottom of the Campaign page we provide what the costs are, our debts, and reciepts.

Once we have the 1798 Part 2 domain setup we will move the receipts and information there.

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The Irrefutable Argument for Republic Review - In Bullet Format

The Model For Republic Review - In Bullet Format

  • INITIAL GOAL, obtaining in one State a majority of State Legislators in both Houses (except Nebraska) to call for the Republic Review process, acknowledging the requirement to initiate the audit portion of the Republic Review process.
    • Target conservative State Legislators to learn the founding principles of republicanism and the separation of powers between the States and the general (i.e. Federal) government through the irrefutable argument for Republic Review Presentation and bullet points
    • Once they understand the premise of the audit they also need to learn what and why Madison and Jefferson’s attempted to conduct Republic Review in 1798, which will then help them realize and actualize their role, authority, and power of corrective oversight over the Constitution.
      • As they do, the leading legislator’s in the premise will begin working on draft Resolutions to call for an audit of the Constitution against the general government
      • They will also create a Resolution calling upon sibling States to join them in the audit to conduct Republic Review
        • This Resolutions should be inclusive of all identified unconstitutional RRPs
        • Once a comprehensive resolution with all violations has been passed by both houses this resolution is promulgated to fellow States that would be receptive to fulfilling their obligation of protecting the Constitution and Republic First.
          • Focusing on Red States or those States with a desire to enforce  the Constitution is done first to allow momentum to develop
        • Proponents for auditing the Constitution and  calling for Republic Review in each of the Legislative bodies must build a coalition within their States bicameral Legislative bodies to obtain a majority to pass legislation to conduct the audit and call for Republic Review
    • Working with the grassroots organizations in the State
      • If necessary these Legislators will need to work with State and County Party’s (i.e. Constitution, GOP, or Libertarian Parties) central committees and Grassroots organizations and set up Constitutional Committees of Correspondence and a PAC in each State dedicated to demanding compliance to the Constitutions to apply pressures on other legislative districts to get their fellow Legislators to fulfill their oath and do their job in protecting their citizens from Federal tyranny or have these organizations work in replacing this Legislator with one who will fulfill their oath of service
  • Once a single State obtains a majority of support within the two Legislative bodies, they must:
    • Finalize a State Resolution and pass a single concise and succinct Final Resolution to call for their State to Audit the Constitution
    • Pass necessary administrative measures to
      • Research and identify all Federal offices, agencies, bureau’s, centers, commissions, councils, administrations, service’s, and Departments (i.e. every entity operated and funded by the general government)
      • Initiate a full audit of the Constitution within the States Legislative bodies either by committee and then the body of the whole, or by the body of the whole
    • Simultaneous to the initiation of the audit this State must:
      • Initiate and build coalitions with other States
      • Start drafting a Resolution to call upon ALL States in the Republic to coalesce with them to conduct Republic Review (similar to the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions)

Note: In order to send a clear message of Constitution enforcement, the following step is highly recommended that any and all States joining in the audit for Republic Review withdraw or rescind their application for an Article V Convention.  They can always reapply again; there is no quota or expiration to these applications.

  • If a State passing a Resolution to join in the Audit and/or Republic Review which possesses an active petition to Congress for an Article V Convention then the legislator’s should also pass a Resolution or Bill rescinding this application from Congress
  • The initial State commences the audit and sets the decorum for the process
    • It is important that the first State initiating Republic Review establish the decorum for new States to join by requiring them to rescind their application for a Article Five Convention prior to joining.
    • Establish Research Committee to verify every RRP is either in compliance with the Constitution or a violation of the Constitution
    • Confirm that the only authorized process within the Constitution for the general government to assume any new RRP is through the Constitutional amendment process, ensuring that the States did not ratify a Constitutional Amendment authorizing an alternate process allowing for the Supreme Court, the President, or Congress to amend the Constitution exclusively or did the State Amend the Constitution to allow the general government or any or all branches thereof to bypass the Article Five process without the States authority.
    • If the Constitutional amendment process is still the only valid process, then:
      • Establish a list of all Federal offices, agencies, bureau’s, centers, commissions, councils, administrations, service’s, and Departments (i.e. every entity operated and funded by the general government)
        • Create a list of all Constitutionally authorized RRPs within the Constitution and ratified amendments
        • Begin listing ALL unconstitutional Roles, Responsibilities, and Powers (RRPs)
      • Ensure that the Constitutional amendment process was either followed or violated in the creation, forming, or establishing each new RRP since 1791 (after the establishment of the Treasury, State, and War (Defense) Departments and the General Accounting Office)
      • Obtain official and formal confirmation from Congress as to whether each RRP is in compliance or violates the Constitution because the Constitutional amendment process was not followed
        • Did Congress forward an Amendment for ratification by the State for the RRP and receive formal ratification documentation from the requisite required States
        • Did the States properly ratify the RRP by the codified process of each State
          • This is important issue, because there is evidence that the Fourteenth, Sixteenth and Seventeenth amendments were not properly ratified; consequently every amendment since the 12th Amendment must be verified as a part of the “Audit”
            • Each State will have to confirm the veracity of each ratification in compliance to the States and the United States Constitutions of the time of ratification
      • If not the general government usurped the RRPs in question are in violation to the Constitution
      • All violations are moved forward to the RRP Disposition phase of Republic Review
  • As new States join in audit anf the Republic Review process
    • Each must begin establishing secure communications, networking, and architecture for an online collaborative environment that is designed with full availability and redundancy
    • Each State must be able to function as an island and as well as a part of the whole online Republic ensuring of full redundancy and synchronization and merging of information – maintaining full configuration management of all data within each State
    • Each State joining Republic Review must continue to research and verify compliance and violations to ensure full integrity of all work by each State; accuracy is paramount
  • Once 13 States have joined Republic Review then the States will organize the process
    • Each of these States have resolved and committed to NOT ratify any Amendments until the general government is within compliance to the Constitution
    • 13 States is the threshold where enough States are committed to not ratify any amendments until the completion of Republic Review
      • This will keep the general government from being able to validate any unconstitutional RRP by finally following the amendment process
      • This will also completely negate any efforts by those trying to convene an Article V Convention. The funding for this must be paid for by the States; thus, any money being spent would be a complete waste of States valuable resources
    • Each State has verified all Amendments and confirmed Constitutional violations for all Amendments and RRP’s in the RRP Disposition stage
    • The body of the whole (all States) begin a joint formal review of each RRP
    • Formally set up three committees amongst the coalesced Republic
      • The Research Committee (this committee was set up in each independent State prior to this Stage)
      • The Dissolvent and Decommission Committee
      • The Amendment Recommendation Committee
    • All violations are parsed by the Research Committee and sent to either the Dissolvent and Decommission Committee  or the Amendment Recommendation Committee
    • In the Research Committee each RRP is reviewed as to its Constitutionality
      • In addition each RRP must be assessed as to its value, cost, scope, and function both in a historic and current context to the Republic
  • Continuation of obtaining additional States to create critical mass
    • Critical mass is obtained when the States involved in Republic Review is represented by a majority in both the House and the Senate, currently that would be the following 27 States:
      • WY, SD, ID, UT, AR, OK, TN, AL, MO, KS, IN, OH, WI, SC, ND, MI, KN, FL, LU, WV, GA, MT, AL, TX, NC, PN, and IA
    • The reason a majority in both houses is required to support Republic Review, to ensure enough of Congress will cooperate with the States
      • Congress will not cooperate with compliance to the Constitution until the States have the Constitutional leverage to apply enough political pressure on their representatives
  • The RRP Disposition Process,
    • every RRP with a minimum of 13 States demanding Dissolvent and or Decommission of the unconstitutional RRP and that the RRP be returned to the States and the Republic will be sent to the Dissolvent and Decommission Committee
    • This process is performed by the entire body of the whole in each State
    • Every RRP with a minimum of 38 States that desire the unconstitutional RRP be retained then the RRP will then be forwarded to the Amendment Recommendation Committee



  • The Dissolvent and Decommission Committee
    • This committee uses the aforementioned assessment to determine if each RRP possesses personnel, resources, content, schedules, and budget of value
    • RRPs with enough significant deemed value will be decommissioned with a fixed resource loaded schedule and budget sent to Congress in Resolutions requiring Congress promulgate specific Resolutions in decommissioning the RRP and transition what is required to the States
    • RRPs that are identified as useless (such as Education) will be Dissolved within a specific established timeline
    • Congressional Resolutions must include a conclusion that the creation, formation, and establishment of this RRP was done so as a strict violation to the Constitution failing to get the States authorization and having the States delegate this RRP to the general government and that as deemed by the Republic and in accordance to the U. S. Constitution which is the Supreme Law of the Land that each of these RRPs are being dissolved and or decommissioned per the schedule provided by the Republic
  • The Amendment Recommendation Committee
    • If by remote chance that 38 States or more desire to retain a RRP (such as the Veterans Affairs) the committee will provide the sitting Congress guidelines and parameters to help them efficiently and effectively author an Amendment to the Constitution with a short sunset provision (no more than two years)
    • If by even a more remote chance, Congress fails to author or refuses to author an Amendment that 38 States had requested they provide, then each of these 38 States must then apply individually for an Article Five convention because all States working in the Republic Review process have already withdrawn their application to Congress for an Article V Convention to join the Republic Review process as mentioned in bullet point 2.
    • It must be noted that:
      •  Congress’s failure (each Representative and Senator) to follow the recommendations from Republic Review would be a detriment to each members career and that the citizens of these Representatives and Senators should consider replacing each in their next election
      • The States path for Amending the Constitution within the Amendment process, which is depicted in this section, is not a recommendation by any means.  Because it is a prescribed alternative within the Constitution and until this is removed by an Amendment it must be included as a Constitutional path for amending the Constitution. It would be disingenuous for an academic process not to include all existing processes.
    • In the amendment process there is a chance that once the Amendment is promulgated by Congress and to the States for Ratification a State election may change the make up of a particular States paradigm where the Amendment may not get ratified.
    • These new recommended amendments that are unratified and or rejected Amendments would then go up for final assessment.
    • Congressional Resolutions must include a conclusion that the creation, formation, and establishment of each RRP were created as a strict violation to the Constitution failing to get the States authorization.  In the Ratification process of the Constitution is was clearly asserted by the delegates explaining the Constitution that the States must delegate each RRP to the general government.  Consequently, as deemed by the Republic and in accordance to the U. S. Constitution which is the Supreme Law of the Land each of the RRPs that are identified as violations must be dissolved and or decommissioned per the prescribed schedule provided by the Republic

The Model is a graphic depiction in the form of a line and block chart or a flow chart. This chart is available at the text link below:

The Model

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