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There is no greater issue facing our Republic today than Federal Tyranny. If we work together we can save our individual liberties and sovereignty, the sovereignty for each State and the Republic (all the States collectively), and most importantly save our Constitution!

The States must take back the roles, responsibilities, and powers that were reserved to them and were not expressly delegated to the general government. The process to do this is simple. It only takes one State to initiate an audit and then call upon their fellow States to join in a convention (i.e. process) to audit the Constitution, we refer to as Republic Review.




Candidates We Endorse For The 2022 Election

The following endorsements we are making are based solely on the Constitutional positions and commitments of the individual candidates. Most candidates stay away from us, because we do not hand out endorsements lightly because of Party Affiliation or any associations for that matter. The Candidate must understand the Constitution and be willing to be tested on their understanding of the Constitution. If you want to see whether your candiate is Constitutionally worht of being elected, then have them contact us, we will test them for you, record the test so you can witness for yourslef whether they are qualified for becoming a public servant or not.


Art Macomber ID Attorney General




The Constitution Association

The Constitution Club


Freedom Force International


We the People Foundation


More Pending