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These articles are designed to help shine light on Constitutional issues that are affecting our Republic or provide insights as to solutions or what it takes to correct problems with or breeches of the Constitution. The only way we will be able to obtain full compliance of the Constitution by the general government is through the full execution of Republic Review. Obviously other solutions are provided as well.

Please feel free to contact us regarding questions or concerns about the content of the articles below or if there is anything we need to correct. Thank you.


The Irrefutable Argument for Republic Review

This is also available on the homepage:


The Description of the Republic Review Process

This is also available on the homepage:

The Model image for the Republic Review Process

This is also available on the homepage:

Rescinding of the 17th Amendment

The 17th Amendment does not need to be repealed, this one and only Amendment can be repealed thank the Delaware and the federal government:


The 1798 Resolutions was the first attempt of Republic Review: Nullification or Interposition?

We assert that to many people have analyzed and deduced the wrong intent and desires of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. This article not only challenges these deductions but provides a broader view of what they were doing by including other documents regarding the concept they were attempting in these Resolutions:


What is the Real Problem



Martial Law in the Twenty-first Century



The Unknown Teeth In The Constitution


Constitutional Minutes

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Week of 17 Jan 2021

Week of 24 Jan 2021


Week of 31 Jan 2021

Week of 07 Feb 2021

Week of 14 Feb 2021

Week of 21 Feb 2021

Week of 28 Feb 2021

Week of 21 Mar 2021

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Week of 25 Apr 2021

Week of 02 May 2021

Week of 23 May 2021




Color Coded Constitution:

From Jon Roland and his page: https://www.constitution.org/


Information On Sealed Indictments:

Indictment Dashboard

Plato's Republic:


Soros Partners in Crime:


Proofs of a Conspiracy Against All the Religions and Governments of Europe by John Robinson (1798):


Circle of Protection Signatories:

Here are the churches supporting the growth of Socialism in the file below:


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