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Taking Action

Continue to do what you have been doing, things are fine! In politics, even the non-Status-Quo has become the Status-Quo. So if you know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, why are you continuing to trust in the national elections and the court systems? Our Constitutional Republic has been compromised and we MUST invoke Republic Review if we are to save it. So wake up and get involved with Republic Review! The first thing you need to do is get educated and it is not as complicated as academia and many conservative entertainers or lawyers would try to convince you. Read my Executive Summary on the home page and listen to my podcasts. You can read my books and 100% of the money you spend on buying them goes to support this effort, not luxuries or personal uses.



Election Fraud

The removal of (D-MN), IIhan Abdullahi Omar from the 5th Congressional District in her participation in marriage fraud.

White House Petition


The Model

If you have been listening to the radio show "Reclaiming the Republic" on Red State Talk Radio then you have heard about this model for sometime now. THis model is a flow chart how Republic Review begins and its processes. The bullet steps to how this works is on the Home Page under the bullet steps titled "The Irrefutable Argument for Republic Review."

You can find the Model at the liink (or text) below:

The Model

As mentioned on Red State Talk Radio

Candidate Endorsements

The following candidates have committed to a pledge to fulfill their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution.  This means that they have committed to: 

  1. Call upon my fellow State Legislators to join me in fulfilling their duty and oath
  2. Author and or sponsor legislation to immediately commence an audit of the U.S. Government
  3. Once consensus for an audit reaches a majority, bring the legislation to my respective floor for a vote
  4. Once the legislation calling for the audit passes both houses, I will support a news conference expressing a need for all media present to announce the calling for the audit of the U.S. Government measured against the Constitution.
  5. Based upon the audit findings – generate a Resolution to nullify all unconstitutional Federal government roles, responsibilities and powers exercised within this State.
  6. Generate a Resolution for promulgation to call upon all States in the Republic to coalesce with this States in a full audit of the U.S. Government referred to as “Republic Review.”

Idaho Candidates:

Legislative District 32 Position B:  Chad Christensen
His website is here: Chad Christensen
Please go to his webiste and contribute a few dollars to his campaign.  Every little bit is your contribution to saving our Constitution!
My endorsement Statement: Endorsement For Chad Christensen.mp3


All documents and content are copyrighted and are provided for non-commercial applications. The intellectual property is and cannot be duplicated without written consent and release from Mobius Strip Press LLC.

Slide presentations:

Presentation 1

"The Solution" or "The Irrefutable Argument For Republic Review"


Presentation 2

"The Strategy to Initiate Republic Review"



Reclaiming the Republic YouTube Channel

The first 30 minutes of this video will give you the enough information to understand and know the facts!



Getting Informed

Again you can read my books or better yet, read my executive summary.  You can find it on the Home page or you can find it on my Facebook Page here: “THE IRREFUTABLE ARGUMENT FOR REPUBLIC REVIEW” https://www.facebook.com/MobiusStripPress/posts/1010113845761720.  This should broaden your paradigm enough to realize that we are living under Federal tyranny and we can actually shut it down rather simply we just need you to GET INVOLVED.

By listening to the podcast you will be overwhelmed at the empirical evidence that the powers being exercised by the general (i.e. Federal) government is unconstitutional.  My books go into a lot of detail that I do not have time to be able to compress into a weekly or even a daily show, but I am doing what I can to give you the necessary facts. 

Getting Involved

You can get involved in a variety of issues. Many have been around for decades like abortion, the Federal Reserve, or you can join organizations that have been around decades or for the past decade.  None possesses a plan as to how to severe the unconstitutional powers from the general government and how to return these powers back to th3 States.  Many good people and organizations have been working very hard to stop our slide into socialism and yet we continue to slide closer to collapse and even with the change in DC from the 2016 election we will not reverse or even undo a single unconstitutional Department, Agency, Office, or Administration, just like during Reagans era, all progressive unconstitutional government remained.  These organizations and issues will continue to exist until you get involved in the only, let me repeat this, THE ONLY solution that will force the general (i.e. Federal) government back into the framework and scope of the Constitution.  If there is another way please call me G. R. Mobley during my weekly radio show at 844-320-4299. To find out when the show airs go to my podcast page.

Again if you do not agree the Republic Review will remove the Federal tyranny we are suffering from, let me know.  If you are like all other Constitutional scholars and at least accept its Constitutionality, then keep looking and listening, as I get into the strategy from my second book.  I will be publishing a second Executive Summary regarding how to do this and we will begin to identify those who are either a part of the solution or a part of the problem. 

You can read my second book to jump into the strategy, or wait.  I am currently building the case that what we have in DC is an abomination to the Constitution and what the framers (i.e. the people) designed and what the founders (i.e. the States) installed.  As I start explaining how to do this I need your help in developing scripts and petitions to deliver to your local elected officials and State Legislators.  It is time to apply the real fire to the real culprits responsible for this mess.  One cannot blame the child if the parent is sleeping or empowering the child… again, I will get into this in the future.

I only ask that you commit to helping and there are severl ways to do this!

How Can You Help?

The best way to help is financing. You can contribute by going to the http://www.reclaimingtherepublic.org/contribute.html page and donating money directly or become a sponsor or advertiser. I also hope to begin a crowd funding strategy to begin moving content onto cable television to begin teaching leaders what they need to know and do to move this quickly forward. We also need to amass numbers when we address our elected officials to abide by the oath of office to protect the Constitution, and we will need to give them a crash course on Republic Review.

If you buy a book directly from Mobius Strip Press, I will sign the book with a personal message to you. You can't beat that!

So another way you can support this effort is getting educated so you can become a Constitutional warrior and take the battle to our local and State representatives.  As you will learn they are the ones that possess the power.  Even though the magicians in DC have convinced us that they have the authority and power, the fact is the people are the fountain of power of government and empirical data proves that the ultimate say belongs to the States on all things not delegated to the general government.
Sharing the message and getting your neighbors, friends and likeminded folk educated and involved.  Learn the message and content of Republic Review and be a leader. I cannot be in all places at once and need 100’s of leader across the Republic taking the fight to all representatives.  So another way you can get involved is stepping up into leadership roles in your community and take this message to your Tea Party, GOP, Oath keepers, and community organizations and teach them.  We need 100 Constitutional warriors in every State who can lead a cadre of impassioned citizens or fellow Constitutional warriors and either motivate our representatives to do their job or replace them in the next election cycle.

We need to bring Constitutional awareness to our families, and our communities.  We need to make a greater effort in celebrating it more so then we do the other holidays or commemorations each month. 

A Suggested Activity



Consider holding a rally at your State Capital on the date it joined the Union or the date it ratified the Constitution.

State Date of admission Formed from
Georgia January 2, 1788 Crown Colony of Georgia
Alaska January 3, 1959 Alaska !Territory of Alaska
Utah January 4, 1896 Utah Territory
New Mexico January 6, 1912 New Mexico Territory
Connecticut January 9, 1788 Crown Colony of Connecticut
Michigan January 26, 1837 Michigan Territory
Kansas January 29, 1861 Kansas Territory (part)
Oregon February 14, 1859 Oregon Territory (part)
Arizona February 14, 1912 Arizona Territory
Massachusetts February 6, 1788 Crown Colony of Massachusetts Bay
Ohio March 1, 1803 Northwest Territory (part)
Nebraska March 1, 1867 Nebraska Territory
Florida March 3, 1845 Florida Territory
Vermont March 4, 1791 Vermont !Vermont Republic (also known as the New Hampshire Grants[c])
Maine March 15, 1820 Massachusetts (District of Maine[f])
Maryland April 28, 1788 Crown Colony of Maryland
Louisiana April 30, 1812 Orleans !Territory of Orleans
Minnesota May 11, 1858 Minnesota Territory (part)
South Carolina May 23, 1788 Crown Colony of South Carolina
Rhode Island May 29, 1790 Crown Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
Wisconsin May 29, 1848 Wisconsin Territory (part)
Kentucky June 1, 1792 Virginia (District of Kentucky: Fayette, Jefferson, and Lincoln counties[d])
Tennessee June 1, 1796 Southwest Territory
Arkansas June 15, 1836 Arkansas Territory
West Virginia June 20, 1863 Virginia (Trans-Allegheny region counties[g])
New Hampshire June 21, 1788 Crown Colony of New Hampshire
Virginia June 25, 1788 Crown Colony of Virginia
Idaho July 3, 1890 Idaho Territory
Wyoming July 10, 1890 Wyoming Territory
New York July 26, 1788 Crown Colony of New York
Colorado August 1, 1876 Colorado Territory
Missouri August 10, 1821 Missouri Territory (part)
Hawaii August 21, 1959 Hawaii !Territory of Hawaii
California September 9, 1850 Unorganized !unorganized territory (part)
Nevada October 31, 1864 Nevada Territory
North Dakota November 2, 1889 Dakota Territory (part)
South Dakota November 2, 1889 Dakota Territory (part)
Montana November 8, 1889 Montana Territory
Washington November 11, 1889 Washington Territory
Oklahoma November 16, 1907 Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory
North Carolina November 21, 1789 Crown Colony of North Carolina
Illinois December 3, 1818 Illinois Territory (part)
Delaware December 7, 1787 Crown Colony of Delaware[b]
Mississippi December 10, 1817 Mississippi Territory
Indiana December 11, 1816 Indiana Territory
Pennsylvania December 12, 1787 Crown Colony of Pennsylvania
Alabama December 14, 1819 Alabama Territory
New Jersey December 18, 1787 Crown Colony of New Jersey
Iowa December 28, 1846 Iowa Territory (part)
Texas December 29, 1845 Texas !Republic of Texas


Other Activities

You can also celebrate the commencement of the Constitutional Convention 27th of May, and other Constitutional events like the commencements of the Ratification Debates.