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"Reclaiming the Republic" is now broadcasting on Red State Talk Radio both in the air and on the internet every week day from 6:00 to 7:00 pm EST and from 3:00 to 4:00 pm PST. See below for links and more info. Please feel free to call our comment line at your leisure and if you would rather email us a question to this address:

info[at]reclaimingtherepublic.org. This way you can join us in this dialogue in “Reclaiming the Republic.”







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This is a daily show where we look at the news and our government through a Constitutional lens.

This Year's Content

This year we are focused on making 2022 a pivotal year in setting the stage to remove the entre Biden Administration from office. This is not about Trump this is about AMERICA! You must listen to every show this year, we do not care about entertaining you… you can get that everywhere else.  We only care about informing you and arming you with the truth. We need Constitutional Warriors to take back their counties and transitioning your county into becoming a true Constitutional County.  This is done by work not by signing up with a person or entity that labels your County as a Constitutional County.  We define a Constitutional County as one that the Sheriff ensures that no unconstitutional mandates, laws, or enforcements are being exercised as the law.  Tune in to learn what and how to do this, this way we don’t have to put it into a book that you have to buy and then read. 

Reclaiming the Republic and Republic Review is NOT about G. R. Mobley it is about you and ALL patriots who must demand full compliance to the Constitution for the United States and to call out the removal of the unconstitutional Annotated Constitution, which is what the general government is using.  Every State in the union and the Uni-Party System (i.e. the RNC and the DNC) have successfully undermined our hybrid Constitutional Republic and everyone needs to see how they are close to pushing America into discarding the Constitution altogether.  Instead of being like everyone else we are not seeking your money we are seeking your sacred time, energy, and honor in giving us work.  Below is a basic mathematical formula for work:
Work Formula
The formula for Work can be expressed as,
W = F*d
W = (Fcos θ)d
Where, W = Work done:
F = Magnitude of the force applied.
d = Magnitude of the displacement (or distance) in the direction of the force.
θ = is the angle between the vectors: force and displacement/distance.
This idea to use this concept to help people understand that just because you spent time doing something came from a friend of the Constitution Robert A… if you did not apply force to obtain distance you in essence have wasted your time and did not get any work done.

If you cannot help America by getting work done and you want to contribute in another way, instead of just giving us money we ask that you contact us to discuss what and how you can contribute.

If you cannot help America by getting work done and you want to contribute in another way, instead of just giving us money we ask that you contact us to discuss what and how you can contribute.

Our show (this includes you in becoming a contributor in action, time, and assistance) this year will provide you with the tools, knowledge, and understanding what, why and how we can stop and defeat the Bolshevik revolution going on in American, and empower you to leading in restoring our hybrid Constitutional Republic.  We will even teach you why it is a hybrid Constitutional Republic, and better understanding of American Republicanism, and how to take full control of our Public Servants and our government.

To call to leave a comment or to ask a question call at any time 425-270-5416 your comment and or questions will be covered during a "marketing show." If you have a deeper dialouge just leave a concise message as to what you want to cover and your phone number so we can call you back to record the conversation.

You can email your questions to info[at]reclaimingtherepublic.org

The dial in Listen Number is: 717-946-6952

Here are the sites with the source documents we have been using for building the case of Republic Review:

The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1798 and 1799 can be found on this page:

Avalon Project - 18th Century Documents : 1700 - 1799 (yale.edu)

Madison's Report on the VA Resolutions:

James Madison, Report on the Virginia Resolutions

Madison's notes and details on Nullification and Interposition:

James Madison's Notes on Nullification of 1834


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Important Information

Demographic Fast Facts On Education

This is where you can see how many weapons are in the education pipeline



John Darash

Founder of the National Liberty Alliance

The National Liberty Alliance website: National Liberty Alliance


Brent Allan Winters

Attorney & Counselor at Law

Get his books on this website: Common Lawyer Books

His contact information is here: Common Lawyer Contact Page


Orlean Koehle

State President - Eagle Forum of California

Get her books on this website: Books For Truth

Email: caleagle@conam.online

A Book You Must Read:

Whooa Nellie! 5G Dangers and Deception of Powerful, New Wireless Technology

In today's technology, giving a young child a cell phone is tantamount to child abuse and in this book above you will learn why!


Our First Right

Website: Our First Right

Email: info@ourfirstright.org

Facebook Page: Our First Right

MeWe Page: Our First Right

Tactical Civics Website: Tactical Civics

Tactical Civics Facebook Page: Tactical Civics Facebook

Color Coded Constitution:

From Jon Roland and his page: https://www.constitution.org/



Chinese Live Organ Harveting Links

Stop Organ Harvesting


End Transplant Abuse


What is Falun Gong


An award winning 10 minute documentary:


Mitchell Gerber’s briefing in London with the investigators presenting the evidence:


Investigations & Reports (1/4) The Coalition Roundtable


Anastasia Lin Miss World Canada Speaks to BBC World About Forced Organ Harvesting in China


South Korean TV Documentary Confirms Organ Harvesting Still Occurring in China


A must read book or a must listen to the audio book is the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party

Go here and get your copy today: Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party


Congressional Debates of the Fourteenth Amendment


Plato's Republic


Soros Partners



Please check out Trevors videos below

Trevor Loudon

Website: Trevor Loudon

Trevor's YouTube: Enemies Within

Capital Research Center

Dangerous Documentaries: America Under Siege: Antifa

Trevor's KeyWiki Research Page: Key Wiki

Video Collection: 2017 Video Collection


Proofs of a Conspiracy Against All the Religions and Governments of Europe by John Robinson (1798)

Circle of Protection Signatories


Recent Interview on

We the People Patriot Soapbox 24/7 Video:

We The People Patriot Soapbox 24.7 YouTube Video


Adam Carolla Speaks To Congress On Gravity

Adam Carolla Speaks To Congress

Testimony to Congress on the Bill Clinton Timeline of Corruption

The citation below connects the Clinton Administration and the DNC to Chinese Intelligence operatives who sought and received a windfall of intelligence and technical data necessary for their military and offensive capabilities

Curry, T., & Windrem, R. (1998, May 27). Establishing the Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China (House of Representatives - June 18, 1998). Retrieved December 22, 2011, from http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CREC-1998-06-18/pdf/CREC-1998-06-18-pt1-PgH4748-2.pdf>www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CREC-1998-06-18/pdf/CREC-1998-06-18-pt1-PgH4748-2.pdf#page=13

Who would you like to talk to?

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What would it take for you to get active and take action?

Send me an email at info[at]reclaimingtherepublic[dot]org

Indivisible Guide 2017


What more do you need to get involved?

Send me an email at info[at]reclaimingtherepublic[dot]org