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This page provides you the Constitutional minutes that have been sent and likely ignored by your Representative’s by year and those States that Legislatures that have received these messages.  If you want these messages to go to your State Legislature, we ask that you can contact us and give us the working email addresses for ALL your State Representative’s and State Senators. 

Please feel free to contact us regarding questions or concerns about the content of the articles below or if there is anything we need to correct. Thank you.


2021 Constitutional Minutes

Week of 10 Jan 2021

Week of 17 Jan 2021

Week of 24 Jan 2021


Week of 31 Jan 2021

Week of 07 Feb 2021

Week of 14 Feb 2021

Week of 21 Feb 2021

Week of 28 Feb 2021

Week of 21 Mar 2021

Week of 28 Mar 2021

Week of 25 Apr 2021

Week of 02 May 2021

Week of 23 May 2021

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