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The Model

The image below is the model or a flow chart for one to understand how Republic Review works from the first State stepping up (this first State I refer to as “David” as in David and Goliath) and it continues until the Federal government is completely back within the framework of the Constitution.  Keep in mind "David" can be any State but I believe it will be either Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Kansas, Idaho, or Utah in that order of highest probability to the lowest of these six States, but I could be wrong. Republic Review begins when the States believe they have enough States to move forward.  This could be 13 States and up to 50 States. As you can see by the image Republic Review ends once the States have obtained full compliance to the Constitution by either having Congress dissolve or dismantle all unwanted role, responsibilities, and powers and or Congress has provided the necessary Amendments and 38 States have ratified these Amendments.  Please refer to the bullets on the Home Page and make sure you stay tuned to our Show on Red State Talk Radio every Mon – Fri from 6 to 7 PM Eastern and 3 to 4 Pacific time!  You will get all the info and status as we prepare for 2019!

The Model

Due to size and detail, all three sections of this model are inserted below the overview.

The Overview

To view this image better, try opening it in a new tab in your browser by left clicking with your mouse. We hope this translates to hand held devices!